Swallowing Rehabilitation Research Lab

General instructions on how to make thickened liquid barium (of any type) using a barium powder:

  1. Determine the total volume of thickened liquid that you wish to prepare
  • Total volume = 250 mL
  1. Calculate the amount of barium required for the given volume
  • Given a desired barium concentration of 40% w/v

Target barium mass =
40g barium / 100mL of fluid x 250 mL fluid =
100g barium

  1. Convert this mass of pure barium into mass of barium powder
  • Given that EZ-HD is a barium mixture containing 98.45 g of barium per 100 g of powder

Target barium powder mass =
100g barium * (100g powder / 98.45g barium) =
101.57g powder

  1. Place an empty container on a digital balance and zero the balance
  2. Pour in the mass of barium powder calculated into the container
  3. Add enough thickened liquid to reach the total volume as outlined in the first step
  4. Shake well and leave to stand in a refrigerator.

Note: Volume of barium powder is not provided here as not all barium powder labels provide the %w/v concentration which is required to make this conversion.