Swallowing Rehabilitation Research Lab

Professor Steele’s lab is also involved in collaborative research related to nutrition and to the importance of oral hygiene in people who are at risk for dysphagia in long-term care settings.

This work, which is known as M3 (Making the Most of Mealtimes) is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and involves a large collaborating team lead by Dr. Heather Keller (University of Waterloo).

Collaborators in this venture include:

  • Sensory scientist Lisa Duizer (University of Guelph)
  • Nursing scientists Susan Slaughter (University of Alberta), Christina Lengyel (University of Manitoba) and nutrition scientist Natalie Carrier (Moncton, New Brunswick).
  • A former doctoral student in the lab, Minn Yoon (University of Alberta), whose contribution will explore oral hygiene in long-term care, with a specific interest in the co-occurrence of poor oral care and dysphagia. Colonization of the mouth with bacteria is known to be a risk for developing aspiration pneumonia. During the course of her Ph.D. studies, Minn Yoon was involved in the development of the RNAO’s best practice guidelines regarding oral care by nurses.