Oct 4 2021: Check out our new webinar on Alternatives to Videofluoroscopy. Registration ($25) for the webinar includes a helpful study guide and practice quiz. Link:

Sept 24 2021: Theresa Richard from Swallow Your Pride spoke with Professor Catriona Steele on the topic of “The Penetration-Aspiration Scale: A Closer Look“. Listen to the podcast here:

Sept 21 2021: We are pleased to announce Professor Catriona Steele’s talk “From Research to Clinical Practice in Dysphagia: Where Are We?” is now available on our SRRL YouTube channel. This talk was presented at the 2nd Latin American Dysphagia Congress.

Sept 9 2021: Check out our new webinar on When to Choose Videofluoroscopy. Registration ($25) for the webinar includes a helpful study guide and practice quiz. Link:

July 27 2021: We are delighted to announce open-access publication of a new paper led by doctoral candidate Pooja Gandhi looking at swallowing in mild Parkinson Disease compared to healthy aging. Link:

July 16 2021: We are happy to announce the release of the BETA version of the STAndards for Rigor and TransparEncy in Dysphagia Research Framework. The tool was developed in collaboration with 6 labs can be accessed here:

July 14 2021: Our team was successful in winning an award from the Royal Society of Chemistry for our Poster and Flash Oral Presentation at the 6th Annual Food Oral Processing meeting entitled “Exploring the Utility of IDDSI Testing to Evaluate Food Oral Processing“.

July 13 2021: Pleased to announce publication of a new tutorial article about radiation in videofluoroscopy, written in collaboration with Dr. Harry Ingleby (a medical physicist) and Dr. Heather Bonilha. Link:

July 7 2021: Proud of @SwallowRehab doctoral candidate Pooja Gandhi on receiving the Parkinson Canada grant to support her upcoming dissertation research project!

June 28 2021: Check out our new webinar on Indicators and Protocols for Videofluoroscopy. Registration ($25) for the webinar includes a helpful study guide, practice quiz and a livestream Q&A session in July. The webinar is also available in Portuguese and French! Register for your preferred language here:

May 31 2021: Check out our new webinar on the Anatomy and Physiology of Swallowing taught by Professor Catriona Steele. Registration for the webinar includes a helpful study guide, practice quiz and a livestream Q&A session. All for just $25. Register here:

May 21 2021: The Swallowing Rehab Research Lab was featured in the KITEworks Magazine! Read the article here:

May 7 2021: Another new open access publication has been released looking at standardization of contrast, protocol and IDDSI (link).

May 4 2021: We are pleased to share a new article arising Dr. Carly Barbon’s dissertation research looking at the impact of thickened liquids in patients undergoing irradiation for oropharynx cancer (link).

April 10 2021: Congratulations to post-doctoral fellow Dr. Renata Mancopes on winning the best poster presentation at the Canadian Respiratory Conference.

March 12 2021: Congratulations to lab members post-doc Renata Mancopes, PhD Candidate Pooja Gandhi, PhD Candidate Sana Smaoui and Dr. Catriona Steele for their engaging presentations at this year’s Dysphagia Research Society virtual conference.

January 19 2021: We are pleased to share a new open access article from our lab, addressing the question of what physiological changes we should expect in swallowing as we age(link)

January 1 2021: We are pleased to announce the release of a new webinar (free) on Pharyngeal Residue, sponsored and hosted by Nestle Health Science (link).

December 22 2020: We are excited to offer our Steele Swallowing Lab Webinar Series. This is a new resource of webinars, beginning with a series on best practices in videofluoroscopy practice. And, as a special “gift” to mark the series launch, the first webinar on Radiation Safety and Patient Risk is available at no cost. Several of the webinars are available both in English and Portuguese. You can access the webinars here: (link)

December 15 2020: Catriona Steele provided a webinar on the appropriate use of thickened liquids in dysphagia management at the invitation of Nestlé Health Science UK. (link)

December 3 2020: Congratulations to our doctoral candidate Sana Smaoui on publication of this new open access paper about hyoid movement (link) 

November 27 2020: We are grateful to the Asociación Argentina de Disfagiafor allowing us to share a recording of November’s lecture on our lab YouTube channel (link)

October 17 2020: Our doctoral candidate Sana Smaoui published an article on “The Effect of Lingual Resistance Training Interventions on Adult Swallow Function: A Systematic Review“. (link).

October 2020: We are delighted to share a new open access publication by post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Renata Mancopes about swallowing in COPD (link)

August 27 2020: We are very honored to be selected to win the ASHA 2020 Journal Editor’s Award (JSLHR Speech Section)…/2020-asha-journals-awards/ for our article Reference values for healthy swallowing across the range from thin to extremely thick liquids in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research (62(5), 1338-1363) (link).

August 5 2020: We are very pleased to announce another publication from our lab, this time featuring the doctoral research of @SwallowRehab alumna Dr. Carly Barbon regarding swallowing (patho)physiology in individuals who have undergone radiation treatment for oropharyngeal cancer. The paper is available open access at: (link)

June 29 2020: Have you ever wondered how much residue is too much (meaning that it becomes a risk for penetration-aspiration)? See you latest publication (link).

May 7 2020: We are pleased to share a new publication from our team discussing the measurement of pharyngeal residue (link).

April 1 2020: We are making available our institution’s guiding principles for SLPs during the COVID-19 pandemic (link).

February 23 2020: Catriona authored a blog on the Dysphagia Cafe “on the art and science of recommending liquid consistencies for people with dysphagia” (link).

January 30 2020: Our post-doctoral fellow Renata Mancopes published an article on the “Effects of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training on Videofluoroscopic Measures of Swallowing: A Systematic Review” (link).

January 19 2020: Catriona co-authored a blog on the Dysphagia Cafe titled “Stand up for standardization: Collaborative clarification for clinicians performing Modified Barium Swallowing Studies (MBSS)” (link).

December 4 2019: Handouts and recordings for our ASHA 2019 convention are available here (link).

November 23 2019: In November 2019, tour team introduced the ASPEKT-C Method (Analysis of Swallowing Physiology: Events, Kinematics and Timing for Use in Clinical Practice) to assist clinicians in identifying the underlying mechanisms leading to impaired swallowing safety and efficiency on videofluoroscopic swallow studies. Resources can be found here (link).